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After nearly three years of reporting on this supposed "league," we've had enough. This latest Ponzi expansion scheme, teams dropping out and back in and changing names and owners without notice has just gotten to be too much. It's taking up too much precious time to try to keep track of and report on the comings and goings and catch-as-catch-can news reports and everything, so we're done. Most of you seem to prefer this site anyway, so have at it.

The ABA has become a parody of itself, if that's possible. It's sunk below the point where it's even a league worth reporting on. It's not even anything remotely like a professional basketball league - it's a glorified YMCA setup, outside of a few solid franchises (Arkansas, Nashville, Long Beach seem to be okay). It's so bad it's really no longer an affront to minor league sports, because I don't think anyone can possibly take it seriously - even the people who are involved in it.

It was fun. Joe Newman was a source of endless comedy, most of it unintentional (often the best kind) and we're sure he'll continue to be. Just remember, when this whole thing finally collapses one day soon (like a flan more than a building), we told you so. The ABA can't make it the way it's being run. They keep making the same stupid mistakes over and over and over (WTF is with putting Ruby Richman in charge of another franchise?) and it's going to catch up to them eventually. Hopefully sooner rather than later, for the benefit of the players who are getting hosed and the erstwhile young people who are wasting their energies working for something that can't work.

See ya. Feel free to use the message board if you like, but we won't be updating the site anymore. Rack us, we're out.

#DateDayAwaySc HomeScLocalTime ETCrowdNotes
111/13/2004SATGeorgia88atNashville1097:05 CT8:052,044Local paper said 800
211/16/2004TUENew Jersey95atMaryland1077:05 ET7:051,322Crowd described as "about 300" in local paper
311/16/2004TUEKentucky94atArkansas997:05 CT8:055,178 
411/16/2004TUEUtah atVisalia 7:05 PT10:05 Postponed
511/17/2004WEDNew Jersey111atMaryland987:05 ET7:05  
611/18/2004THUJacksonville104atCarolina877:05 ET7:05  
711/18/2004THUMississippi92atArkansas1067:05 CT8:054,833 
811/18/2004THUSt. Louis atColorado 7:05 MT9:05  
911/18/2004THUFresno121atPortland1067:05 PT10:05 870-seat gym seemed "about half full"
1011/18/2004THULos Angeles96atTijuana837:05 PT10:05  
1111/18/2004THUUtah atVisalia 7:05 PT10:05 Postponed
1211/19/2004FRIMaryland atPennsylvania 7:05 ET7:05850Suspended w/PA leading 120-102
1311/19/2004FRITexas atOklahoma City 7:05 CT8:05 Postponed
1411/19/2004FRIBoston87atHarlem948:05 ET8:05  
1511/19/2004FRISt. Louis atColorado 7:05 MT9:05  
1611/19/2004FRITijuana83atHermosillo967:05 MT9:05  
1711/19/2004FRIOntario90atLas Vegas1007:05 PT10:05175One paper said 150, another 200
1811/19/2004FRIVisalia96atUtah1327:05 PT10:051,042 
1911/20/2004SATNew Jersey65atHarlem671:05 ET1:05  
2011/20/2004SATChicago atCincinnati 7:05 ET7:05 Postponed
2111/20/2004SATCarolina105atGeorgia997:05 ET7:051,000 
2211/20/2004SATKentucky112atMotown937:05 ET7:05200 
2311/20/2004SATBoston atPhiladelphia 7:05 ET7:05 Suspended w/Phil leading 97-81 in 3rd
2411/20/2004SATJacksonville102atMississippi1097:05 CT8:05  
2511/20/2004SATAtlanta85atNashville1187:05 CT8:051,073 
2611/20/2004SATKansas City93atTexas987:05 CT8:05800Apparently KC subbed for OKC
2711/20/2004SATKansas City atColorado 7:05 MT9:05 Well, KC was supposed to play at Colorado
2811/20/2004SATLos Angeles153atHermosillo1527:05 MT9:05  
2911/20/2004SATVisalia87atUtah947:05 MT9:05  
3011/20/2004SATFresno atPortland 7:05 PT10:05  
3111/21/2004SUNKentucky85atMotown1032:05 ET2:05  
3211/21/2004SUNMaryland atPennsylvania 2:05 ET2:05 Postponed, apparently
3311/21/2004SUNAtlanta108atNashville1112:05 CT3:05509 
3411/21/2004SUNChicago atSt. Louis 2:05 CT3:05  
3511/21/2004SUNOrange County122atLong Beach1342:05 PT5:052,276 
3611/22/2004MONBellevue96atPortland1037:05 PT10:05  
3711/23/2004TUEMississippi92atCarolina857:05 ET7:05  
3811/23/2004TUEVisalia108atOntario1197:05 PT10:05275 
3911/24/2004WEDKentucky atSt. Louis 7:05 CT8:05  
4011/24/2004WEDKansas City91atTexas1107:05 CT8:05  
4111/24/2004WEDLong Beach atFresno 7:05 PT10:05  
4211/24/2004WEDVisalia atOntario 7:05 PT10:05  
4311/25/2004THUChicago atKentucky 7:05 ET7:05  
4411/25/2004THUOklahoma City atColorado 7:05 MT9:05 Postponed
4511/25/2004THUUtah atBellevue 7:05 PT10:05  
4611/25/2004THUOrange County atLas Vegas 7:05 PT10:05  
4711/26/2004FRIHarlem atBoston 7:05 ET7:05  
4811/26/2004FRINashville atCarolina 7:05 ET7:05  
4911/26/2004FRIMississippi atGeorgia 7:05 ET7:05  
5011/26/2004FRIAtlanta atJacksonville 7:05 ET7:05  
5111/26/2004FRIChicago atKentucky 7:05 ET7:05  
5211/26/2004FRIArkansas atMississippi 7:05 CT8:05  
5311/26/2004FRIOklahoma City atColorado 7:05 MT9:05  
5411/26/2004FRIKansas City atHermosillo 7:05 MT9:05  
5511/26/2004FRIUtah atBellevue 7:05 PT10:05  
5611/26/2004FRIOrange County atLas Vegas 7:05 PT10:05  
5711/26/2004FRIFresno atVisalia 7:05 PT10:05  
5811/27/2004SATNashville atCarolina 7:05 ET7:05  
5911/27/2004SATMississippi atGeorgia 7:05 ET7:05  
6011/27/2004SATMotown atOklahoma City 7:05 CT8:05  
6111/27/2004SATCincinnati atSt. Louis 7:05 CT8:05  
6211/27/2004SATTexas atColorado 7:05 MT9:05  
6311/27/2004SATKansas City atHermosillo 7:05 MT9:05  
6411/27/2004SATVisalia atPortland 7:05 PT10:05  
6511/27/2004SATOntario atTijuana 7:05 PT10:05  
6611/28/2004SUNPhiladelphia atBoston 2:05 ET2:05  
6711/28/2004SUNAtlanta atJacksonville 2:05 ET2:05  
6811/28/2004SUNOklahoma City atArkansas 2:05 CT3:05  
6911/28/2004SUNCincinnati atChicago 2:05 CT3:05  
7011/28/2004SUNLos Angeles atLong Beach 2:05 PT5:05  
7111/29/2004MONPhiladelphia atHarlem 7:05 ET7:05  
7211/29/2004MONGeorgia atMississippi 7:05 CT8:05  
7311/29/2004MONFresno atUtah 7:05 MT9:05  
7411/29/2004MONLas Vegas atVisalia 7:05 PT10:05  
7511/30/2004TUEFresno atUtah 7:05 MT9:05  
7611/30/2004TUEOrange County atOntario 7:05 PT10:05  
7711/30/2004TUEBellevue atPortland 7:05 PT10:05  
7812/1/2004WEDNashville atMaryland 7:05 ET7:05  
7912/1/2004WEDUtah atOntario 7:05 PT10:05  
8012/2/2004THUBoston atHarlem 7:05 ET7:05  
8112/2/2004THUTexas atColorado 7:05 MT9:05  
8212/2/2004THUUtah atOntario 7:05 PT10:05  
8312/2/2004THUFresno atTijuana 7:05 PT10:05  
8412/2/2004THULos Angeles atVisalia 7:05 PT10:05  
8512/3/2004FRIJacksonville atAtlanta 7:05 ET7:05  
8612/3/2004FRIMotown atKentucky 7:05 ET7:05  
8712/3/2004FRICincinnati atKansas City 7:05 CT8:05  
8812/3/2004FRIArkansas atNashville 7:05 CT8:05  
8912/3/2004FRITexas atColorado 7:05 MT9:05  
9012/3/2004FRITijuana atHermosillo 7:05 MT9:05  
9112/4/2004SATCarolina atHarlem 1:05 ET1:05  
9212/4/2004SATSt. Louis atMotown 2:05 ET2:05  
9312/4/2004SATNew Jersey atBoston 7:05 ET7:05  
9412/4/2004SATTexas atCincinnati 7:05 ET7:05  
9512/4/2004SATPhiladelphia atPennsylvania 7:05 ET7:05  
9612/4/2004SATColorado atChicago 7:05 CT8:05  
9712/4/2004SATAtlanta atMississippi 7:05 CT8:05  
9812/4/2004SATKentucky atNashville 7:05 CT8:05  
9912/4/2004SATKansas City atHermosillo 7:05 MT9:05  
10012/4/2004SATVisalia atBellevue 7:05 PT10:05  
10112/4/2004SATLong Beach atTijuana 7:05 PT10:05  
10212/5/2004SUNMaryland atBoston 2:05 ET2:05  
10312/5/2004SUNArkansas atMotown 2:05 ET2:05  
10412/5/2004SUNHarlem atNew Jersey 2:05 ET2:05  
10512/5/2004SUNPhiladelphia atPennsylvania 2:05 ET2:05  
10612/5/2004SUNLos Angeles atFresno 2:05 PT5:05  
10712/5/2004SUNLas Vegas atLong Beach 2:05 PT5:05  
10812/6/2004MONTexas atCincinnati 7:05 ET7:05  
10912/6/2004MONAtlanta atPhiladelphia 7:05 ET7:05  
11012/6/2004MONNashville atMississippi 7:05 CT8:05  
11112/6/2004MONOrange County atOntario 7:05 PT10:05  
11212/7/2004TUECarolina atAtlanta 7:05 ET7:05  
11312/7/2004TUEGeorgia atPennsylvania 7:05 ET7:05  
11412/7/2004TUENashville atMississippi 7:05 CT8:05  
11512/7/2004TUETijuana atVisalia 7:05 PT10:05  
11612/8/2004WEDPhiladelphia atMaryland 7:05 ET7:05  
11712/8/2004WEDCincinnati atChicago 7:05 CT8:05  
11812/8/2004WEDArkansas atTexas 7:05 CT8:05  
11912/8/2004WEDLong Beach atLos Angeles 7:35 PT10:35  
12012/9/2004THUBoston atGeorgia 7:05 ET7:05  
12112/9/2004THUNashville atJacksonville 7:05 ET7:05  
12212/9/2004THUCincinnati atChicago 7:05 CT8:05  
12312/9/2004THUSt. Louis atKansas City 7:05 CT8:05  
12412/9/2004THUBellevue atUtah 7:05 MT9:05  
12512/9/2004THUTijuana atVisalia 7:05 PT10:05  
12612/10/2004FRIMississippi atHarlem 7:05 ET7:05  
12712/10/2004FRIOklahoma City atKentucky 7:05 ET7:05  
12812/10/2004FRIGeorgia atMaryland 7:05 ET7:05  
12912/10/2004FRITexas atMotown 7:05 ET7:05  
13012/10/2004FRICarolina atArkansas 7:05 CT8:05  
13112/10/2004FRISt. Louis atKansas City 7:05 CT8:05  
13212/10/2004FRIBoston atNashville 7:05 CT8:05  
13312/10/2004FRIHermosillo atColorado 7:05 MT9:05  
13412/10/2004FRIPortland atLong Beach 7:35 PT10:35  
13512/11/2004SATNew Jersey atPennsylvania 2:05 ET2:05  
13612/11/2004SATOklahoma City atCincinnati 7:05 ET7:05  
13712/11/2004SATMaryland atJacksonville 7:05 ET7:05  
13812/11/2004SATAtlanta atPhiladelphia 7:05 ET7:05  
13912/11/2004SATKansas City atColorado 7:05 MT9:05  
14012/11/2004SATBellevue atUtah 7:05 MT9:05  
14112/11/2004SATPortland atLas Vegas 7:05 PT10:05  
14212/11/2004SATHermosillo atTijuana 7:05 PT10:05  
14312/12/2004SUNTexas atKentucky 2:05 ET2:05  
14412/12/2004SUNPhiladelphia atNew Jersey 2:05 ET2:05  
14512/12/2004SUNKansas City atArkansas 2:05 CT3:05  
14612/12/2004SUNColorado atChicago 2:05 CT3:05  
14712/12/2004SUNPortland atLong Beach 2:05 PT5:05  
14812/12/2004SUNOrange County atOntario 2:05 PT5:05  
14912/12/2004SUNTijuana atLos Angeles 4:05 PT7:05  
15012/13/2004MONPhiladelphia atMaryland 7:05 ET7:05  
15112/13/2004MONBoston atMississippi 7:05 CT8:05  
15212/13/2004MONOrange County atPortland 7:05 PT10:05  
15312/14/2004TUEBoston atMississippi 7:05 CT8:05  
15412/14/2004TUEJacksonville atNashville 7:05 CT8:05  
15512/14/2004TUEOrange County atVisalia 7:05 PT10:05  
15612/14/2004TUELong Beach atLos Angeles 7:35 PT10:35  
15712/15/2004WEDHarlem atBoston 7:05 ET7:05  
15812/15/2004WEDNashville atCarolina 7:05 ET7:05  
15912/15/2004WEDOklahoma City atArkansas 7:05 CT8:05  
16012/15/2004WEDOntario atLos Angeles 7:35 PT10:35  
16112/16/2004THULas Vegas atOrange County 2:05 PT5:05  
16212/16/2004THUMississippi atAtlanta 7:05 ET7:05  
16312/16/2004THUMotown atCincinnati 7:05 ET7:05  
16412/16/2004THUNashville atGeorgia 7:05 ET7:05  
16512/16/2004THUHermosillo atKansas City 7:05 CT8:05  
16612/16/2004THUKentucky atSt. Louis 7:05 CT8:05  
16712/16/2004THUOklahoma City atTexas 7:05 CT8:05  
16812/16/2004THULas Vegas atFresno 7:05 PT10:05  
16912/16/2004THUVisalia atTijuana 7:05 PT10:05  
17012/17/2004FRINew Jersey atHarlem 7:05 ET7:05  
17112/17/2004FRIBoston atJacksonville 7:05 ET7:05  
17212/17/2004FRIArkansas atColorado 7:05 MT9:05  
17312/17/2004FRIOklahoma City atHermosillo 7:05 MT9:05  
17412/17/2004FRIBellevue atUtah 7:05 MT9:05  
17512/17/2004FRILas Vegas atFresno 7:05 PT10:05  
17612/17/2004FRILong Beach atOntario 7:05 PT10:05  
17712/18/2004SATAtlanta atBoston 7:05 ET7:05  
17812/18/2004SATCarolina atNew Jersey 7:05 ET7:05  
17912/18/2004SATSt. Louis atChicago 7:05 CT8:05  
18012/18/2004SATMotown atKansas City 7:05 CT8:05  
18112/18/2004SATKentucky atMississippi 7:05 CT8:05  
18212/18/2004SATArkansas atColorado 7:05 MT9:05  
18312/18/2004SATOklahoma City atHermosillo 7:05 MT9:05  
18412/18/2004SATLas Vegas atOntario 7:05 PT10:05  
18512/18/2004SATLos Angeles atPortland 7:05 PT10:05  
18612/18/2004SATOrange County atTijuana 7:05 PT10:05  
18712/18/2004SATBellevue atVisalia 7:05 PT10:05  
18812/19/2004SUNAtlanta atBoston 2:05 ET2:05  
18912/19/2004SUNNashville atJacksonville 2:05 ET2:05  
19012/19/2004SUNMississippi atNew Jersey 2:05 ET2:05  
19112/19/2004SUNGeorgia atPhiladelphia 2:05 ET2:05  
19212/19/2004SUNTijuana atFresno 2:05 PT5:05  
19312/19/2004SUNOrange County atLong Beach 2:05 PT5:05  
19412/19/2004SUNLos Angeles atPortland 2:05 PT5:05  
19512/19/2004SUNHarlem atMaryland 7:05 ET7:05  
19612/20/2004MONPennsylvania atPhiladelphia 7:05 ET7:05  
19712/20/2004MONCincinnati atChicago 7:05 CT8:05  
19812/20/2004MONLas Vegas atOntario 7:05 PT10:05  
19912/21/2004TUECarolina atGeorgia 7:05 ET7:05  
20012/21/2004TUESt. Louis atMotown 7:05 ET7:05  
20112/21/2004TUEKansas City atTexas 7:05 CT8:05  
20212/21/2004TUEHermosillo atOntario 7:05 PT10:05  
20312/21/2004TUEBellevue atVisalia 7:05 PT10:05  
20412/22/2004WEDPennsylvania atHarlem 7:05 ET7:05  
20512/22/2004WEDNew Jersey atMaryland 7:05 ET7:05  
20612/22/2004WEDSt. Louis atMotown 7:05 ET7:05  
20712/22/2004WEDKentucky atChicago 7:05 CT8:05  
20812/22/2004WEDLas Vegas atPortland 7:05 PT10:05  
20912/23/2004THUMaryland atCarolina 7:05 ET7:05  
21012/23/2004THUArkansas atKansas City 7:05 CT8:05  
21112/23/2004THUOklahoma City atSt. Louis 7:05 CT8:05  
21212/23/2004THUKansas City atTexas 7:05 CT8:05  
21312/23/2004THUHermosillo atColorado 7:05 MT9:05  
21412/23/2004THUOrange County atTijuana 7:05 PT10:05  
21512/23/2004THUBellevue atVisalia 7:05 PT10:05  
21612/23/2004THUUtah atLos Angeles 7:35 PT10:35  
21712/24/2004FRIAtlanta atGeorgia 7:05 ET7:05  
21812/24/2004FRIKansas City atKentucky 7:05 ET7:05  
21912/24/2004FRIHermosillo atColorado 7:05 MT9:05  
22012/24/2004FRIFresno atLos Angeles 7:35 PT10:35  
22112/25/2004SATColorado atOklahoma City 7:05 CT8:05  
22212/25/2004SATTexas atHermosillo 7:05 MT9:05  
22312/26/2004SUNMississippi atArkansas 2:05 CT3:05  
22412/26/2004SUNOklahoma City atChicago 2:05 CT3:05  
22512/26/2004SUNTijuana atPortland 2:05 PT5:05  
22612/26/2004SUNFresno atLos Angeles 4:05 PT7:05  
22712/27/2004MONPennsylvania atPhiladelphia 7:00 ET7:00  
22812/27/2004MONKentucky atSt. Louis 7:05 CT8:05  
22912/28/2004TUEColorado atCincinnati 7:05 ET7:05  
23012/28/2004TUETexas atArkansas 7:05 CT8:05  
23112/28/2004TUEVisalia atUtah 7:05 MT9:05  
23212/29/2004WEDLas Vegas atUtah 7:05 MT9:05  
23312/29/2004WEDOntario atPortland 7:05 PT10:05  
23412/30/2004THUGeorgia atJacksonville 7:05 ET7:05  
23512/30/2004THUCincinnati atMotown 7:05 ET7:05  
23612/30/2004THUNew Jersey atPhiladelphia 7:05 ET7:05  
23712/30/2004THUHermosillo atOklahoma City 7:05 CT8:05  
23812/30/2004THUArkansas atSt. Louis 7:05 CT8:05  
23912/30/2004THULas Vegas atUtah 7:05 MT9:05  
24012/30/2004THUOrange County atTijuana 7:05 PT10:05  
24112/30/2004THUPortland atBellevue 7:05 PT10:05  
24212/31/2004FRICincinnati atKentucky 7:05 ET7:05  
24312/31/2004FRIMississippi atNashville 7:05 CT8:05  
24412/31/2004FRILong Beach atFresno 7:05 PT10:05  
24512/31/2004FRIBellevue atLas Vegas 7:05 PT10:05  
24612/31/2004FRIVisalia atOrange County 7:05 PT10:05  
24712/31/2004FRIOntario atPortland 7:05 PT10:05  
2481/1/2005SATMotown atCincinnati 7:05 ET7:05  
2491/1/2005SATArkansas atKansas City 7:05 CT8:05  
2501/1/2005SATKentucky atOklahoma City 7:05 CT8:05  
2511/1/2005SATLas Vegas atTijuana 7:05 PT10:05  
2521/2/2005SUNPennsylvania atMotown 2:05 ET2:05  
2531/2/2005SUNHarlem atNew Jersey 2:05 ET2:05  
2541/2/2005SUNOklahoma City atChicago 2:05 CT3:05  
2551/2/2005SUNOrange County atFresno 2:05 PT5:05  
2561/2/2005SUNLos Angeles atLong Beach 2:05 PT5:05  
2571/2/2005SUNUtah atPortland 2:05 PT5:05  
2581/3/2005MONAtlanta atCarolina 7:05 ET7:05  
2591/3/2005MONArkansas atTexas 7:05 CT8:05  
2601/3/2005MONLas Vegas atOntario 7:05 PT10:05  
2611/4/2005TUEAtlanta atCarolina 7:05 ET7:05  
2621/4/2005TUENashville atGeorgia 7:05 ET7:05  
2631/4/2005TUEMississippi atJacksonville 7:05 ET7:05  
2641/4/2005TUEBellevue atLos Angeles 7:35 PT10:35  
2651/5/2005WEDNew Jersey atBoston 7:05 ET7:05  
2661/5/2005WEDJacksonville atMississippi 7:05 CT8:05  
2671/6/2005THUPhiladelphia atAtlanta 7:05 ET7:05  
2681/6/2005THUNashville atGeorgia 7:05 ET7:05  
2691/6/2005THUArkansas atMississippi 7:05 CT8:05  
2701/6/2005THUColorado atOklahoma City 7:05 CT8:05  
2711/6/2005THUTexas atHermosillo 7:05 MT9:05  
2721/6/2005THUTijuana atUtah 7:05 MT9:05  
2731/6/2005THULos Angeles atOrange County 7:05 PT10:05  
2741/7/2005FRINew Jersey atBoston 7:05 ET7:05  
2751/7/2005FRIAtlanta atGeorgia 7:05 ET7:05  
2761/7/2005FRIColorado atKentucky 7:05 ET7:05  
2771/7/2005FRIHarlem atMaryland 7:05 ET7:05  
2781/7/2005FRIChicago atMotown 7:05 ET7:05  
2791/7/2005FRICarolina atPennsylvania 7:05 ET7:05  
2801/7/2005FRICincinnati atOklahoma City 7:05 CT8:05  
2811/7/2005FRITexas atHermosillo 7:05 MT9:05  
2821/7/2005FRILas Vegas atLong Beach 7:35 PT10:35  
2831/7/2005FRIBellevue atLos Angeles 7:35 PT10:35  
2841/8/2005SATBoston atHarlem 1:05 ET1:05  
2851/8/2005SATJacksonville atAtlanta 7:05 ET7:05  
2861/8/2005SATMaryland atNew Jersey 7:05 ET7:05  
2871/8/2005SATCarolina atPennsylvania 7:05 ET7:05  
2881/8/2005SATColorado atKansas City 7:05 CT8:05  
2891/8/2005SATTijuana atUtah 7:05 MT9:05  
2901/8/2005SATFresno atBellevue 7:05 PT10:05  
2911/8/2005SATOntario atLas Vegas 7:05 PT10:05  
2921/9/2005SUNMississippi atJacksonville 2:05 ET2:05  
2931/9/2005SUNBoston atNew Jersey 2:05 ET2:05  
2941/9/2005SUNNashville atChicago 2:05 CT3:05  
2951/9/2005SUNFresno atLas Vegas 2:05 PT5:05  
2961/9/2005SUNLong Beach atOrange County 2:05 PT5:05  
2971/9/2005SUNCincinnati atMotown 7:05 ET7:05  
2981/10/2005MONKentucky atKansas City 7:05 CT8:05  
2991/10/2005MONOklahoma City atSt. Louis 7:05 CT8:05  
3001/11/2005TUEMotown atCincinnati 7:05 ET7:05  
3011/11/2005TUETexas atOklahoma City 7:05 CT8:05  
3021/12/2005WEDNashville atArkansas 7:05 CT8:05  
3031/12/2005WEDHermosillo atTexas 7:05 CT8:05  
3041/13/2005THUMississippi atAtlanta 7:05 ET7:05  
3051/13/2005THUPennsylvania atBoston 7:05 ET7:05  
3061/13/2005THUCarolina atNashville 7:05 CT8:05  
3071/13/2005THULong Beach atBellevue 7:05 PT10:05  
3081/13/2005THUPortland atOrange County 7:05 PT10:05  
3091/13/2005THUHermosillo atTijuana 7:05 PT10:05  
3101/13/2005THUVisalia atLos Angeles 7:35 PT10:35  
3111/14/2005FRIPennsylvania atBoston 7:05 ET7:05  
3121/14/2005FRIAtlanta atGeorgia 7:05 ET7:05  
3131/14/2005FRIChicago atMotown 7:05 ET7:05  
3141/14/2005FRITexas atArkansas 7:05 CT8:05  
3151/14/2005SATKentucky atColorado 7:05 MT9:05  
3161/14/2005FRIOklahoma City atHermosillo 7:05 MT9:05  
3171/14/2005FRIFresno atUtah 7:05 MT9:05  
3181/14/2005FRIVisalia atLas Vegas 7:05 PT10:05  
3191/15/2005SATPhiladelphia atHarlem 1:05 ET1:05  
3201/15/2005SATGeorgia atAtlanta 7:05 ET7:05  
3211/15/2005SATMaryland atNew Jersey 7:05 ET7:05  
3221/15/2005SATJacksonville atMississippi 7:05 CT8:05  
3231/15/2005SATCarolina atNashville 7:05 CT8:05  
3241/15/2005SATKansas City atTexas 7:05 CT8:05  
3251/15/2005SATLos Angeles atUtah 7:05 MT9:05  
3261/15/2005SATLong Beach atBellevue 7:05 PT10:05  
3271/15/2005SATVisalia atLas Vegas 7:05 PT10:05  
3281/15/2005SATPortland atOrange County 7:05 PT10:05  
3291/16/2005SUNCarolina atJacksonville 2:05 ET2:05  
3301/16/2005SUNCincinnati atKentucky 2:05 ET2:05  
3311/16/2005SUNMaryland atNew Jersey 2:05 ET2:05  
3321/16/2005SUNArkansas atChicago 2:05 CT3:05  
3331/16/2005SUNColorado atSt. Louis 2:05 CT3:05  
3341/16/2005SUNNashville atAtlanta 7:05 ET7:05  
3351/16/2005SUNPhiladelphia atHarlem 7:05 ET7:05  
3361/17/2005MONGeorgia atAtlanta 7:05 ET7:05  
3371/17/2005MONMaryland atBoston 7:05 ET7:05  
3381/17/2005MONHarlem atPhiladelphia 7:05 ET7:05  
3391/17/2005MONOrange County atFresno 7:05 PT10:05  
3401/17/2005MONVisalia atLos Angeles 7:35 PT10:35  
3411/18/2005TUEHermosillo atOklahoma City 7:05 CT8:05  
3421/19/2005WEDNashville atBoston 7:05 ET7:05  
3431/19/2005WEDChicago atCincinnati 7:05 ET7:05  
3441/20/2005THUJacksonville atAtlanta 7:05 ET7:05  
3451/20/2005THUSt. Louis atOklahoma City 7:05 CT8:05  
3461/20/2005THUOntario atBellevue 7:05 PT10:05  
3471/20/2005THULong Beach atOrange County 7:05 PT10:05  
3481/20/2005THULas Vegas atTijuana 7:05 PT10:05  
3491/21/2005FRINashville atBoston 7:05 ET7:05  
3501/21/2005FRIPhiladelphia atCarolina 7:05 ET7:05  
3511/21/2005FRIChicago atCincinnati 7:05 ET7:05  
3521/21/2005FRIPennsylvania atJacksonville 7:05 ET7:05  
3531/21/2005FRIArkansas atKentucky 7:05 ET7:05  
3541/21/2005FRIHermosillo atKansas City 7:05 CT8:05  
3551/21/2005FRIVisalia atUtah 7:05 MT9:05  
3561/22/2005SATNew Jersey atAtlanta 7:05 ET7:05  
3571/22/2005SATPhiladelphia atCarolina 7:05 ET7:05  
3581/22/2005SATSt. Louis atGeorgia 7:05 ET7:05  
3591/22/2005SATMaryland atHarlem 7:05 ET7:05  
3601/22/2005SATMotown atChicago 7:05 CT8:05  
3611/22/2005SATMississippi atKansas City 7:05 CT8:05  
3621/22/2005SATJacksonville atNashville 7:05 CT8:05  
3631/22/2005SATKentucky atTexas 7:05 CT8:05  
3641/22/2005SATOntario atBellevue 7:05 PT10:05  
3651/22/2005SATPortland atFresno 7:05 PT10:05  
3661/22/2005SATLos Angeles atLas Vegas 7:05 PT10:05  
3671/22/2005SATUtah atOrange County 7:05 PT10:05  
3681/22/2005SATLong Beach atTijuana 7:05 PT10:05  
3691/23/2005SUNColorado atMotown 2:05 ET2:05  
3701/23/2005SUNHarlem atPhiladelphia 2:05 ET2:05  
3711/23/2005SUNCincinnati atSt. Louis 2:05 CT3:05  
3721/23/2005SUNLos Angeles atLas Vegas 2:05 PT5:05  
3731/23/2005SUNUtah atLong Beach 2:05 PT5:05  
3741/23/2005SUNMaryland atHarlem 7:05 ET7:05  
3751/24/2005MONArkansas atCincinnati 7:05 ET7:05  
3761/24/2005MONNew Jersey atPhiladelphia 7:05 ET7:05  
3771/25/2005TUENew Jersey atGeorgia 7:05 ET7:05  
3781/25/2005TUEMaryland atPennsylvania 7:05 ET7:05  
3791/25/2005TUEBellevue atVisalia 7:05 PT10:05  
3801/26/2005WEDNashville atArkansas 7:05 CT8:05  
3811/26/2005WEDMotown atChicago 7:05 CT8:05  
3821/27/2005THUJacksonville atCarolina 7:05 ET7:05  
3831/27/2005THUKentucky atCincinnati 7:05 ET7:05  
3841/27/2005THUHermosillo atOklahoma City 7:05 CT8:05  
3851/27/2005THUUtah atBellevue 7:05 PT10:05  
3861/27/2005THULong Beach atOntario 7:05 PT10:05  
3871/27/2005THUFresno atOrange County 7:05 PT10:05  
3881/27/2005THULos Angeles atTijuana 7:05 PT10:05  
3891/28/2005FRIBoston atAtlanta 7:05 ET7:05  
3901/28/2005FRIJacksonville atCarolina 7:05 ET7:05  
3911/28/2005FRIMississippi atGeorgia 7:05 ET7:05  
3921/28/2005FRIMotown atChicago 7:05 CT8:05  
3931/28/2005FRIPhiladelphia atNashville 7:05 CT8:05  
3941/28/2005FRIPortland atFresno 7:05 PT10:05  
3951/28/2005FRITijuana atLong Beach 7:35 PT10:35  
3961/29/2005SATPennsylvania atHarlem 1:05 ET1:05  
3971/29/2005SATMaryland atBoston 7:05 ET7:05  
3981/29/2005SATJacksonville atCarolina 7:05 ET7:05  
3991/29/2005SATKansas City atCincinnati 7:05 ET7:05  
4001/29/2005SATSt. Louis atKentucky 7:05 ET7:05  
4011/29/2005SATOklahoma City atMotown 7:05 ET7:05  
4021/29/2005SATGeorgia atNew Jersey 7:05 ET7:05  
4031/29/2005SATColorado atArkansas 7:05 CT8:05  
4041/29/2005SATPhiladelphia atNashville 7:05 CT8:05  
4051/29/2005SATVisalia atBellevue 7:05 PT10:05  
4061/29/2005SATPortland atFresno 7:05 PT10:05  
4071/29/2005SATLong Beach atLas Vegas 7:05 PT10:05  
4081/30/2005SUNPhiladelphia atBoston 2:05 ET2:05  
4091/30/2005SUNCarolina atJacksonville 2:05 ET2:05  
4101/30/2005SUNSt. Louis atKentucky 2:05 ET2:05  
4111/30/2005SUNPennsylvania atMaryland 2:05 ET2:05  
4121/30/2005SUNOklahoma City atMotown 2:05 ET2:05  
4131/30/2005SUNGeorgia atNew Jersey 2:05 ET2:05  
4141/30/2005SUNOrange County atLos Angeles 4:05 PT7:05  
4151/30/2005SUNArkansas atHarlem 7:05 ET7:05  
4161/31/2005MONPennsylvania atMaryland 7:05 ET7:05  
4171/31/2005MONMotown atSt. Louis 7:05 CT8:05  
4181/31/2005MONChicago atTexas 7:05 CT8:05  
4191/31/2005MONLong Beach atOntario 7:05 PT10:05  
4202/1/2005TUESt. Louis atArkansas 7:05 CT8:05  
4212/1/2005TUETexas atKansas City 7:05 CT8:05  
4222/1/2005TUEHarlem atMississippi 7:05 CT8:05  
4232/1/2005TUEColorado atOklahoma City 7:05 CT8:05  
4242/1/2005TUEPortland atUtah 7:05 MT9:05  
4252/1/2005TUETijuana atOntario 7:05 PT10:05  
4262/1/2005TUELas Vegas atVisalia 7:05 PT10:05  
4272/2/2005WEDCarolina atMaryland 7:05 ET7:05  
4282/2/2005WEDTexas atKansas City 7:05 CT8:05  
4292/3/2005THUSt. Louis atCincinnati 7:05 ET7:05  
4302/3/2005THUBoston atPennsylvania 7:05 ET7:05  
4312/3/2005THUPortland atUtah 7:05 MT9:05  
4322/3/2005THUOrange County atBellevue 7:05 PT10:05  
4332/3/2005THULong Beach atTijuana 7:05 PT10:05  
4342/4/2005FRIHermosillo atTijuana 7:05 PT10:05  
4352/5/2005SATKentucky atChicago 7:05 CT8:05  
4362/5/2005SATHermosillo atTijuana 7:05 PT10:05  
4372/6/2005SUNKentucky atChicago 2:05 CT3:05  
4382/6/2005SUNOrange County atLong Beach 2:05 PT5:05  
4392/6/2005SUNCarolina atPhiladelphia 7:05 ET7:05  
4402/7/2005MONArkansas atSt. Louis 7:05 CT8:05  
4412/7/2005MONHermosillo atTexas 7:05 CT8:05  
4422/7/2005MONBellevue atOntario 7:05 PT10:05  
4432/8/2005TUEMotown atCincinnati 7:05 ET7:05  
4442/8/2005TUEKansas City atOklahoma City 7:05 CT8:05  
4452/8/2005TUEChicago atSt. Louis 7:05 CT8:05  
4462/8/2005TUEVisalia atPortland 7:05 PT10:05  
4472/9/2005WEDBoston atMaryland 7:05 ET7:05  
4482/9/2005WEDTijuana atLos Angeles 7:35 PT10:35  
4492/10/2005THUGeorgia atAtlanta 7:05 ET7:05  
4502/10/2005THUMotown atArkansas 7:05 CT8:05  
4512/10/2005THUKansas City atOklahoma City 7:05 CT8:05  
4522/10/2005THUSt. Louis atTexas 7:05 CT8:05  
4532/10/2005THUBellevue atOrange County 7:05 PT10:05  
4542/11/2005FRIMississippi atGeorgia 7:05 ET7:05  
4552/11/2005FRIMotown atKentucky 7:05 ET7:05  
4562/11/2005FRIHarlem atPennsylvania 7:05 ET7:05  
4572/11/2005FRINew Jersey atNashville 7:05 CT8:05  
4582/11/2005FRIKansas City atOklahoma City 7:05 CT8:05  
4592/11/2005FRIFresno atLas Vegas 7:05 PT10:05  
4602/11/2005FRILong Beach atPortland 7:05 PT10:05  
4612/11/2005FRIUtah atVisalia 7:05 PT10:05  
4622/11/2005FRIOrange County atLos Angeles 7:35 PT10:35  
4632/12/2005SATGeorgia atAtlanta 7:05 ET7:05  
4642/12/2005SATPhiladelphia atHarlem 7:05 ET7:05  
4652/12/2005SATMaryland atPennsylvania 7:05 ET7:05  
4662/12/2005SATHermosillo atArkansas 7:05 CT8:05  
4672/12/2005SATCarolina atMississippi 7:05 CT8:05  
4682/12/2005SATNew Jersey atNashville 7:05 CT8:05  
4692/12/2005SATColorado atTexas 7:05 CT8:05  
4702/12/2005SATOntario atOrange County 7:05 PT10:05  
4712/12/2005SATLong Beach atPortland 7:05 PT10:05  
4722/13/2005SUNMaryland atBoston 2:05 ET2:05  
4732/13/2005SUNGeorgia atJacksonville 2:05 ET2:05  
4742/13/2005SUNPhiladelphia atNew Jersey 2:05 ET2:05  
4752/13/2005SUNCarolina atMississippi 2:05 CT3:05  
4762/13/2005SUNTijuana atLas Vegas 2:05 PT5:05  
4772/13/2005SUNOntario atLong Beach 2:05 PT5:05  
4782/14/2005MONJacksonville atHarlem 7:05 ET7:05  
4792/14/2005MONCarolina atPhiladelphia 7:05 ET7:05  
4802/14/2005MONMotown atSt. Louis 7:05 CT8:05  
4812/14/2005MONTijuana atFresno 7:05 PT10:05  
4822/15/2005TUEPennsylvania atMaryland 7:05 ET7:05  
4832/15/2005TUEGeorgia atMississippi 7:05 CT8:05  
4842/15/2005TUELos Angeles atUtah 7:05 MT9:05  
4852/16/2005WEDPennsylvania atMaryland 7:05 ET7:05  
4862/17/2005THUChicago atCincinnati 7:05 ET7:05  
4872/17/2005THUHarlem atGeorgia 7:05 ET7:05  
4882/17/2005THUKentucky atKansas City 7:05 CT8:05  
4892/17/2005THUHermosillo atTexas 7:05 CT8:05  
4902/17/2005THUPortland atVisalia 7:05 PT10:05  
4912/18/2005FRITexas atAtlanta 7:05 ET7:05  
4922/18/2005FRIArkansas atKentucky 7:05 ET7:05  
4932/18/2005FRIBoston atPennsylvania 7:05 ET7:05  
4942/18/2005FRIColorado atKansas City 7:05 CT8:05  
4952/18/2005FRIChicago atOklahoma City 7:05 CT8:05  
4962/18/2005FRIOntario atFresno 7:05 PT10:05  
4972/18/2005FRIBellevue atLas Vegas 7:05 PT10:05  
4982/18/2005FRIUtah atOrange County 7:05 PT10:05  
4992/18/2005FRIPortland atVisalia 7:05 PT10:05  
5002/19/2005SATKentucky atCincinnati 7:05 ET7:05  
5012/19/2005SATBoston atNew Jersey 7:05 ET7:05  
5022/19/2005SATMississippi atPennsylvania 7:05 ET7:05  
5032/19/2005SATHarlem atPhiladelphia 7:05 ET7:05  
5042/19/2005SATSt. Louis atArkansas 7:05 CT8:05  
5052/19/2005SATJacksonville atNashville 7:05 CT8:05  
5062/19/2005SATTijuana atLos Angeles 7:35 PT10:35  
5072/20/2005SUNHarlem atBoston 2:05 ET2:05  
5082/20/2005SUNGeorgia atJacksonville 2:05 ET2:05  
5092/20/2005SUNPennsylvania atNew Jersey 2:05 ET2:05  
5102/20/2005SUNColorado atKansas City 2:05 CT3:05  
5112/20/2005SUNVisalia atFresno 2:05 PT5:05  
5122/20/2005SUNOntario atLong Beach 2:05 PT5:05  
5132/20/2005SUNBellevue atOrange County 2:05 PT5:05  
5142/22/2005TUEArkansas atOklahoma City 7:05 CT8:05  
5152/23/2005WEDBoston atMaryland 7:05 ET7:05  
5162/23/2005WEDBellevue atPortland 7:05 PT10:05  
5172/23/2005WEDOntario atLos Angeles 7:35 PT10:35  
5182/24/2005THUMotown atTexas 7:05 CT8:05  
5192/24/2005THUTijuana atHermosillo 7:05 MT9:05  
5202/24/2005THUUtah atFresno 7:05 PT10:05  
5212/24/2005THUOntario atOrange County 7:05 PT10:05  
5222/24/2005THUBellevue atPortland 7:05 PT10:05  
5232/25/2005FRIMaryland atAtlanta 7:05 ET7:05  
5242/25/2005FRIJacksonville atGeorgia 7:05 ET7:05  
5252/25/2005FRINew Jersey atHarlem 7:05 ET7:05  
5262/25/2005FRICincinnati atKentucky 7:05 ET7:05  
5272/25/2005FRIChicago atArkansas 7:05 CT8:05  
5282/25/2005FRICarolina atNashville 7:05 CT8:05  
5292/25/2005FRITexas atSt. Louis 7:05 CT8:05  
5302/25/2005FRIVisalia atBellevue 7:05 PT10:05  
5312/25/2005FRIUtah atFresno 7:05 PT10:05  
5322/25/2005FRITijuana atLong Beach 7:35 PT10:35  
5332/26/2005SATAtlanta atCarolina 7:05 ET7:05  
5342/26/2005SATSt. Louis atCincinnati 7:05 ET7:05  
5352/26/2005SATHarlem atJacksonville 7:05 ET7:05  
5362/26/2005SATKansas City atMotown 7:05 ET7:05  
5372/26/2005SATPennsylvania atNew Jersey 7:05 ET7:05  
5382/26/2005SATBoston atPhiladelphia 7:05 ET7:05  
5392/26/2005SATGeorgia atNashville 7:05 CT8:05  
5402/26/2005SATOntario atHermosillo 7:05 MT9:05  
5412/26/2005SATPortland atBellevue 7:05 PT10:05  
5422/26/2005SATUtah atLas Vegas 7:05 PT10:05  
5432/26/2005SATFresno atOrange County 7:05 PT10:05  
5442/26/2005SATLong Beach atLos Angeles 7:35 PT10:35  
5452/27/2005SUNHarlem atJacksonville 2:05 ET2:05  
5462/27/2005SUNCincinnati atKentucky 2:05 ET2:05  
5472/27/2005SUNKansas City atMotown 2:05 ET2:05  
5482/27/2005SUNPennsylvania atNew Jersey 2:05 ET2:05  
5492/27/2005SUNLos Angeles atLong Beach 2:05 PT5:05  
5502/27/2005SUNGeorgia atCarolina 7:05 ET7:05  
5512/28/2005MONBoston atMaryland 7:05 ET7:05  
5522/28/2005MONMotown atPhiladelphia 7:05 ET7:05  
5532/28/2005MONAtlanta atMississippi 7:05 CT8:05  
5542/28/2005MONMotown atSt. Louis 7:05 CT8:05  
5553/1/2005TUELas Vegas atLos Angeles 4:05 PT7:05  
5563/1/2005TUEJacksonville atAtlanta 7:05 ET7:05  
5573/1/2005TUEGeorgia atCarolina 7:05 ET7:05  
5583/1/2005TUECincinnati atArkansas 7:05 CT8:05  
5593/1/2005TUEColorado atTexas 7:05 CT8:05  
5603/2/2005WEDMississippi atCarolina 7:05 ET7:05  
5613/2/2005WEDCincinnati atSt. Louis 7:05 CT8:05  
5623/2/2005WEDPortland atVisalia 7:05 PT10:05  
5633/3/2005THUJacksonville atAtlanta 7:05 ET7:05  
5643/3/2005THUMississippi atCarolina 7:05 ET7:05  
5653/3/2005THUHarlem atPennsylvania 7:05 ET7:05  
5663/3/2005THUCincinnati atOklahoma City 7:05 CT8:05  
5673/3/2005THUChicago atTexas 7:05 CT8:05  
5683/3/2005THUColorado atHermosillo 7:05 MT9:05  
5693/3/2005THUOntario atFresno 7:05 PT10:05  
5703/3/2005THULos Angeles atOrange County 7:05 PT10:05  
5713/3/2005THULas Vegas atTijuana 7:05 PT10:05  
5723/4/2005FRIJacksonville atGeorgia 7:05 ET7:05  
5733/4/2005FRINashville atKentucky 7:05 ET7:05  
5743/4/2005FRIHarlem atPennsylvania 7:05 ET7:05  
5753/4/2005FRIOklahoma City atKansas City 7:05 CT8:05  
5763/4/2005FRIColorado atHermosillo 7:05 MT9:05  
5773/4/2005FRIUtah atBellevue 7:05 PT10:05  
5783/4/2005FRIFresno atLas Vegas 7:05 PT10:05  
5793/4/2005FRIPortland atVisalia 7:05 PT10:05  
5803/5/2005SATAtlanta atJacksonville 7:05 ET7:05  
5813/5/2005SATCincinnati atKentucky 7:05 ET7:05  
5823/5/2005SATHarlem atMaryland 7:05 ET7:05  
5833/5/2005SATSt. Louis atMotown 7:05 ET7:05  
5843/5/2005SATPennsylvania atNew Jersey 7:05 ET7:05  
5853/5/2005SATMaryland atPhiladelphia 7:05 ET7:05  
5863/5/2005SATChicago atKansas City 7:05 CT8:05  
5873/5/2005SATUtah atBellevue 7:05 PT10:05  
5883/5/2005SATLos Angeles atLas Vegas 7:05 PT10:05  
5893/6/2005SUNAtlanta atJacksonville 2:05 ET2:05  
5903/6/2005SUNPennsylvania atNew Jersey 2:05 ET2:05  
5913/6/2005SUNPhiladelphia atMississippi 2:05 CT3:05  
5923/6/2005SUNFresno atLong Beach 2:05 PT5:05  
5933/6/2005SUNPortland atOntario 7:05 PT10:05  
5943/7/2005MONMaryland atPhiladelphia 7:05 ET7:05  
5953/8/2005TUENew Jersey atPennsylvania 7:05 ET7:05  
5963/8/2005TUEChicago atColorado 7:05 MT9:05  
5973/8/2005TUELas Vegas atFresno 7:05 PT10:05  
5983/8/2005TUEPortland atOntario 7:05 PT10:05  
5993/9/2005WEDChicago atColorado 3:05 MT5:05  
6003/10/2005THUNew Jersey atPennsylvania 7:05 ET7:05  
6013/10/2005THUChicago atColorado 7:05 MT9:05  
6023/10/2005THUOntario atOrange County 7:05 PT10:05  
6033/11/2005FRIFresno atLong Beach 2:05 PT5:05  
6043/12/2005SATMotown atChicago 7:05 CT8:05  
6053/12/2005SATFresno atHermosillo 7:05 MT9:05  
6063/12/2005SATLos Angeles atBellevue 7:05 PT10:05  
6073/12/2005SATOntario atOrange County 7:05 PT10:05  
6083/13/2005SUNTijuana atLong Beach 2:05 PT5:05